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Switch Kit

We offer personal banking with a range of products that are simple and uncomplicated. The following is a brief description of how you can easily switch to banking with Miners & Merchants.


We understand that switching banks can be inconvenient. Call us at the number listed below or e-mail us at the e-mail address below and allow us to help you make the transition easier.

Phone: (304) 463-4155

For current rates, fees, or to request a Truth-In-Lending Disclosure, call us at (304) 463-4155 or e-mail us at help@minersandmerchantsbank.com 
Visit any of our convenient locations and a dedicated banking specialist will happily assist you in establishing your new account with us.
Use our easy Transaction Checklist to organize the transactions that will be switched to your new Miners & Merchants account.
Transaction Checklist
Send a Direct Deposit Authorization Form to your employer and other sources so your funds can be automatically deposited into your new account.

Set up bill pay with your online banking account and use the Automatic Payment Authorization Form to move your existing automatic transfers.

Use our Account Closing Letter to notify your previous financial institution to close your account. Make sure all of your checks and debits have cleared BEFORE you close your old account.

*Important: Make sure to keep this sensitive account information secure and, if printed, consider shredding upon completion. Additionally, exercise caution if transmitting documentation via email as it may not be a secure form of communication.